Suggesting best canonical URL of your web pages to Google

Suggesting best canonical URL of your web pages to Google

In some cases a website page can be reached by using more than one URL. In such cases, Google attempts to decide the best URL to show in search result and to use in different ways. In such case Google this the “Canonical URL.” There are ways site owners can determine what should be the canonical URLs for their content.

If you suspect that google has not chosen the best canonical URL for your website, then you can check by entering your page’s location into the URL Inspection device inside Search Console. It will show to you the Google-selected canonical URL. If you believe there’s a better canonical that should be used, follow the steps on our duplicate URLs help page on how to suggest a preferred choice for consideration.

Please be aware that if you search using the site: or inurl: commands, you will be shown the domain you specified in those, regardless of whether these aren’t the Google-selected canonical. This happens in light of the fact that we’re satisfying the precise solicitation entered. Off camera, despite everything we utilize the Google-chose standard, including for when individuals see pages without utilizing the site: or inurl: directions. 

Google has additionally changed URL Inspection device with the goal that it will show any Google-selected canonical for a URL, not only those for properties you manage in Search Console. With this change, Google is the info: command. This was an alternative method for finding canonicals. It was moderately underused, and URL Inspection instrument gives a progressively far reaching answer for help publishers with URLs.

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