Lighthouse Chrome Extension for SEO Audit

Lighthouse Chrome Extension for SEO Audit

Lighthouse is an open-source, robotized evaluating instrument for enhancing the nature of site pages. It gives a sufficiently bright way to enhancing the nature of locales by enabling engineers to run reviews

forexecution, availability, dynamic web applications similarity and that’s just the beginning. Essentially, it “shields you from colliding with the stones”, thus the name Lighthouse.

The SEO review classification inside Lighthouse empowers designers and website admins to run a fundamental SEO wellbeing check for any site page that distinguishes potential regions for development. Beacon runs locally in your Chrome program, empowering you to run the SEO reviews on pages in an arranging situation and on live pages, open pages and pages that require validation.

Conveying SEO best practices to you

The momentum rundown of SEO reviews isn’t a comprehensive rundown, nor does it make any SEO ensures for Google websearch or other web indexes. The present rundown of reviews was intended to approve and mirror the SEO essentials that each site ought to get right, and gives definite direction to designers and SEO specialists of all ability levels. Later on, we plan to include increasingly top to bottom reviews and direction — let us know whether you have proposals for particular reviews you’d jump at the chance to see!

Currently there are two ways to run these audits.

Using the Lighthouse Chrome Extension:
  1. Install the Lighthouse Chrome Extension
  2. Click on the Lighthouse icon in the extension bar
  3. Select the Options menu, tick “SEO” and click OK, then Generate report
Using Chrome Developer tools on Chrome Canary:
  1. Open Chrome Developer Tools
  2. Go to Audits
  3. Click Perform an audit
  4. Tick the “SEO” checkbox and click Run Audit.

The present Lighthouse Chrome expansion contains an underlying arrangement of SEO reviews which we’re wanting to expand and improve later on. Once we’re sure of its usefulness, we’ll make the reviews accessible as a matter of course in the steady arrival of Chrome

Designer Tools.

We seek you discover this usefulness helpful after your present and future activities. In the event that these fundamental SEO tips are absolutely new to you and you get yourself inspired by this region, try to peruse our total SEO starter-direct! Leave your input and proposals in the remarks area underneath, on GitHub or on our Webmaster discussion.

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