Google Search Ad Certification – Answer Key (Updated-2020)

Google Search Ads Certification Answers 2020 (Updated) for FREE

Exam Name: Google Ads Search Certification Exam 

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1. Each Similar Audience Has Its Seed List Members Removed To Ensure What?

  • That ads are shown in competitive positions
  • That only highly-relevant traffic is targeted
  • That ads do not risk double-serving
  • That no user overlaps between a similar list and its seed list

2. How Can Ad Extensions Contribute To Increasing User Engagement?

  • With attractive images and videos.
  • Ad extensions include a “like” button to gauge if an ad is favorable.
  • Ad extensions include a “share” button.
  • By addressing a user’s intent, device, and location.

3. How Can Ad Extensions Contribute To Increasing User Engagement?

  • By finding areas of your total budget that could contribute to marketing
  • By teaching your employees the fundamentals of personal budgeting
  • By determining which of Google’s ads are most appropriate for your brand
  • By optimizing your ad budget for maximum growth

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