Google: AMP not yet A search ranking signal

John Mueller, a Google Webmaster trends analysts, said at the beginning of today in a Google hangout, at the 15:50 imprint into the video, that AMP is not yet a positioning sign in the Google look positioning calculation.

We reported in December that AMP may turn into a positioning sign, yet plainly, that has not happened yet.

John Mueller said, "is AMP a positioning sign? Right now, it is not a positioning sign.

He went to wind up versatile ahead to clarify that you can utilize AMP cordial, yet AMP itself is not positioning a sign.

AMP dispatched from the get-go Tuesday and just shows in the portable inquiry top news box. Google likely plan to grow AMP past the news box, and when it does, I can see it turning into a positioning flag then. To make it a positioning sign well in any case, until then, I question it bodes – that is, until it is utilized as a part of the center-portable web list items.

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