Free Keywords Everywhere Extension is Now Paid Extension

Free Keywords Everywhere Extension is Now Paid Extension

The Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension & Firefox add-on are going paid starting Oct 1, 2019 after being free for four years.

In late 2015, we created Keywords Everywhere with the idea of providing value to thousands of users by being a browser extension that gives you keywords data exactly where you need it the most.

Over the last 4 years, Keywords Everywhere has been completely free software used by more than a million users.

Unfortunately, a year ago, Keyword Everywhere started noticing bot activity where automated scripts were querying our API to get data for keywords. The number of calls made by bots soon far surpassed the number of calls made by real users, and for a year have been forcing us to constantly upgrade hardware in order to keep the software functional for our real users.

There will be no monthly recurring plans. Keywords Everywhere will only have pay as you go plans. The credit based payment plan will cost just $1 for 10,000 keywords data. For most users the cost per month would be less than $2

On 1st Oct 2019, the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension and Firefox add-on will stop automatically retrieving volume, CPC and competition data for all keywords. It will continue showing you the “related” keywords, and the “people also ask for” keywords in the widgets on the right hand side of google. To see the metrics, you will need to purchase credits for your account.

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