Audit Your Website with Google Chrome Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open-source, mechanized instrument for enhancing the nature of website pages. Lighthouse is intended to enable distributers to enhance the nature of their sites, by giving apparatuses and highlights to their engineers to run reviews for execution, similarity, dynamic web applications, SEO, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The SEO review class inside Lighthouse was intended to approve and mirror the SEO nuts and bolts that each site ought to get right, and gives itemized direction to settle those issues. Current reviews incorporate checks for substantial rel=canonical tag, effective HTTP reaction code, page title and portrayal and that’s just the beginning.

How do I use Lighthouse?
You can run Lighthouse in several ways:
Using the Lighthouse Chrome Extension:
  1. Install the Lighthouse Chrome Extension
  2. Click on the Lighthouse icon in the extension bar
  3. Select the Options menu, click “SEO” and click OK, then generate report
Using Chrome Developer tools on Google Chrome:
  1. Open Chrome Developer Tools
  2. Go to Audits
  3. Click Perform and audit
  4. Click the “SEO” checkbox and click Run Audit.

The SEO audits category is not designed to replace any of your current strategies, or tools, nor does it make any SEO guarantees for Google websearch or other search engines.  However, it covers some of the SEO best practices that are relevant for Webmasters and publishers who want to ensure their website is visible in Search. These checks are part of best practices that we provide for our publisher partners.


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